Business Unusual 2020 Edition

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

On December 31, 2019, it was on all of our minds. We knew that once the confetti settled, and most of us went to bed with the kind of excitement we hadn’t felt since our last, first day of school. 

It was that feeling of excitement that can only be brought on by knowing that we were ready to embark on one of the most pivotal journeys of our lifetimes. We looked forward to embracing 2020 with our hearts wide open and minds primed with optimism and anticipation.

We went to sleep knowing that we would be waking up to the first day of the most productive year ever.

This year we finally started chasing that dream we’d been dreaming about for so long.

This year many of us started our first businesses.

This year we’ve pushed ourselves harder than we ever had before.

But who knew that life was planning a blindside attack and would end up shoving us back harder than we’ve ever felt. 

Now, we’re 9 months in since midnight hit on 1/1/2020; and ever since then, we have been forced to tear through the paper-thin membrane that once stood between our comfort zones and all these unwanted, unwelcome, and unexpected challenges.

Far From Normal

Under “normal” circumstances”, this would be a perfect moment for imparting some cliche, self help guru-ish kind of words of wisdom to fuel a “you got this” narrative, but I know you know as well as I do that, that won’t work for what we’re dealing with right now. 

The days are over of being able to conjure up a fluffy motivational blurb to fire you up just enough to get you to the point of making your next best decision.

Those of us who consider ourselves leaders have a responsibility now, to do a lot more teaching, and way less preaching. 

It’s hard for everybody right now, but it’s been a significantly steeper hill to climb for those of us who Are Doing Business While Black.

The stats to prove it are there. Take a look at the facts for yourself and you’ll see the gaping disparity between the amount of black-owned businesses that have permanently shut down since the “shutdown”, and white ones. 

Support to Keep Pushing

Unfortunately, that’s not an uncommon story-line. This has always been the narrative, but there’s never been a time like now, where we’ve had an undeniable opportunity to take the direction of that narrative into our own hands and reshape it in our favor. 

DBWB is positioned to answer the call and restore hope in the hearts of black entrepreneurs by leading the charge in the fight against a “failure” mindset. 

DBWB has the blueprint on how to change the narrative, the right tools, and brilliant architects to bring the blueprint to life. 

Furthermore, DBWB is committed to assisting other black businesses to do the same.

It’s the 3rd quarter of the year now, and DBWB is more excited than ever to prove that 2020 still is everything we hoped it would be. We just had to get creative on how to make it so.

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