The simplest way to write a book.

Our Book Builder Blueprint program is the simplest way to share your expertise to build your brand and grow your business, using our Talk-It-Out process.


Writing my first book changed my life. My business grew and I landed a spot on CNN.


~Clyde Anderson; Solution Architect
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It's better than a business card.

Are you ready to become a recognized expert in your field?

My decision to write and publish a book led to opportunities that would NOT have happened if I had not written the book and positioned myself as the AUTHORITY on purpose. Click the FREE Consultation button to schedule a time for us to discuss your journey and how the Book Builders Blueprint can help you achieve your AUTHORITY goals.

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Book Builders Coaching

Sometimes it's just easier to say it.


Maybe you want to write your own manuscript, but need help getting the words out. My Talk-It-Out process can work for you. I’ll interview you to create your outline and content for your manuscript. I'll coach you through the transcription, flow, and smoothing out the content to help you complete your manuscript. 


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