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Sponsorship: Doing Business While Black Podcast

Clyde Anderson is an award-winning journalist, author, commentator, and host of a new podcast, Doing Business While Black. This 30 minute daily (M-F) podcast is positioned for rapid growth. A few of Clyde's past interviews include Daymond John, Jamie Foxx, Steve Harvey, Michael V. Roberts, 2 Chainz, Hill Harper and many more. Based on a solid marketing strategy and a team with extensive experience in the media space, Doing Business While Black will leverage all opportunities to become a recognized brand. Clyde has an existing fan base of over 20K followers, which the DBWB Communications team has planned to grow exponentially.


We bring the Doing Business While Black podcast to you by DBWB Communications, an independent company committed to helping control the narrative and communicate stories that affect social change. This new podcast serves as a voice and an outlet to those that have something to say. Words are power, and when used appropriately, can change minds, hearts and a nation. Let us know which level of partnership we can count on from you to help the Doing Business While Black podcast challenge the perspective of Black-owned business.

Types of Sponsorship

Feature Podcast Guest: You or the best person to represent your company will join Clyde Anderson as a guest on Doing Business While Black. As feature guest, you will:

  • Choose the topic and interview flow.

  • Determine date range for the interview to go live.

  • Provide a call to action for the listeners.

  • Receive an email blast to our entire email list to promote the show and a direct link to your call to action the day we publish the interview.

  • Click here to email Clyde for more info.

  • Click here to apply to Doing Business While Black.

Sponsor Doing Business While Black: Promote your message with traditional advertising during the podcast. Every sponsorship will include:

  • 15-second Pre-Roll (beginning of show).

  • 30-second Mid-Roll (middle of show).

  • 15-second Post-Roll (end of show).

  • Feature on the show's note page for every episode sponsored.

  • Promotion on the Sponsor's Page for the entire month in which you sponsor.

  • Working directly with the DBWB Communications team to craft unique reads that will ensure the highest ROI.


There will never be over 2 sponsors for any episode.
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