The Purpose

White owned businesses create 55.9 million jobs, employ 44% of working age White population and have annual revenue of $12.9 Trillion


Black owned businesses create 1 million jobs, employ 4% of working age Black population and have annual revenue of $187.6 billion



The rapidly increasing wealth gap between White and Black owned businesses possess a growing challenge in a nation that is increasingly ethnically and racially divided. If business ownership is a viable route to wealth creation, a particularly important and valued route in a capitalist economy, it's important to understand the role that it plays in wealth creation for Blacks. We are at a time in history where we have to redefine success and take control of our narrative because the opportunity to accumulate black wealth is slipping unless we find a way to level the playing field. The Doing Business While Black podcast will facilitate conversations and share stories that illustrate solutions to help level the playing field through the eyes of Black business owners and industry experts.