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I’m Clyde Anderson, former CNN Business and Money Analyst. During my career in the media, I’ve interviewed hundreds of Black entrepreneurs, including Daymond John, Steve Harvey, Michael V. Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Hill Harper, 2 Chainz and many more about establishing wealth through entrepreneurship. Now as founder and host of a new daily podcast, Doing Business While Black, I’ll share my brand of empowerment where I’ll transport you into the world of a Black Business Owner.

An entrepreneur to my core, I’m passionate about helping other Black entrepreneurs solve problems, fill needs and overcome obstacles to thrive. On the Doing Business While Black podcast, I interview insightful entrepreneurs and industry experts to help listeners create a mindset to navigate the world of business ownership. We’ll share stories of Black enterprise, providing insight to longstanding stereotypes and stigmas about Black-owned businesses that contribute to the wealth gap, unjust profiling and the actions of Black business owners that could fuel negative perceptions. We’ll also explore solutions to help businesses improve and excel. My goal is to help build stronger black businesses that are more financially sound, informed, organized, and armed with success strategies necessary for business growth and prosperity. It’s time to take control of the future, rewrite the narrative, and redefine Black business success.


I started my career in the mortgage business, where I learned the value of a strong financial foundation, and how to empower others to build and rebuild their financial health. I wrote my first best-selling book, “What Had Happened Was”, while still a mortgage lender in Florida. After relocating to Atlanta where I graduated college at Clark Atlanta University with a degree in business, my book helped land a spot on the CNN Weekend Newsroom where I appeared over 400 times over an 8 year span.

Throughout the years as a business coach and consultant, I’ve helped small business owners secure over $5 million dollars in funding to start and grow their visions. I’ve spoken for Fortune 500 companies, national non-profits, CBS, CNN, ESPN, NFL, New York Life, Radio One, NAACP, National Urban League, Black MBA, 100 Black Men, HBCUs and division one colleges. Former President Jimmy Carter even introduced me as keynote speaker at his annual Boys and Girls Club event in his hometown of Americus, Georgia.  I made tons of cash, but I also made tons of mistakes, which wiped out my wealth. I had to start over several times, but each time, I learned what not to do. With each failure, I vowed to be better.

That concept was the genesis for what I call finding my true WEALTH, a concept I explored in my second best-selling book, “FundaMENTAL W.E.A.L.T.H. Principles: Creating a Mindset for Financial Success”, which helped thousands of people overcome the challenges they face to improve their financial lives.


Recently I’ve been working on a project in my birthplace of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The project is an amazing development called Sherman Phoenix. A transformed fire-damaged bank building at the eastern gateway to the Sherman Park neighborhood into high-quality space for small businesses-of-color offering diverse foods, wellness services and cultural activities. It’s been an amazing opportunity to help foster growth and support for 27 small business owners, while also helping narrate the story of Sherman Phoenix through my DBWB Communications company. 

I live my life by this simple principle, yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow is a promissory note and today is the only cash we have… spend it wisely.

How I can help you…


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The Storyteller

The Journey

Discovering My W.E.A.L.T.H

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